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Emy Sato illustration
Emy Sato illustration and photography

No Ecziste

Photography, Illustration and the Invisible

Welcome to part of my perception of life and my deep interest in Earth life and in the invisible world. Through my art, I strive to convey a sense of connection and harmony between these elements, exploring the intricate interplay between the internal and external dimensions.

My art is influenced by my personal spiritual journey, which has led me to explore differents perspectives of life, including Buddhism, Indigenous traditions and the animal knowledge, that helped me to cultivate a awareness of the present moment and to develop a piece of understanding of the nature of reality. 

I invite you to explore my portfolio, where you'll find a range of pieces that reflect my interests and inspirations. From photos and paintings to intricate collages, each piece tells a story and is infused with a sense of vitality and purpose.

Thanks for the visit and we´ll keep in touch trought reencarnations.

- Return to the command posts, Barcelona, 2020.

If you wanna know somenthing about my work, write me on and I´m gonna be happy in answer you :)
Emy Sato
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