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Emy Sato illustration
Emy Sato illustration and photography

No Ecziste

Photography, Illustration and the Invisible

  I´m someone ( as you are) and it's here where I publish my perception about the world and Life that goes out through my hands. The photography, this beautiful way to stand moments alive and the illustrations, a gift that gave me the opportunity to represent the Invisible.
  Emysato.com it´s a kind of portifólio where you can find some of my works from the last few years. Graphic design, pack illustrations, documental and still photography and publications in skate media are one of my specializations.
  In this tour inside of me have the products that I´m creating step by step. A way to monetize a little bit my work and make it evolve and have more reach. Because the message that I bring it's not mine, it's for everyone.
  Welcome to my world and try to not notice the mess, the Dream Inside Of The Dream it's just in the beginning.
- Return to the command posts, Barcelona, 2020.
If you wanna know somenthing about my work, write me on emysato123@gmail.com and I´m gonna be happy in answer you :)
Emy Sato