Everyone knows the expression Skate it's not a crime and I always thought that was a funny way to describe somenthing: describing what it´s not. But at least for me, after 16 years in love with my board, it was a point that I discovered the real meaning: more than just Skate, it's the Totem that put us trainning even when we thinking that we are not. That put us together, yes or yes. It's the pin that give us super powers, the secrets of those who know how to fly. (hover the mouse above the photos and check more comments)

Thank you skateboarding.


Ligiane Xuxa it´s one of the many gifts that the skateboard give it to me. We are both from São Paulo and we know each other from the old Espraiada skatepark. The destiny puts us together again here in Barcelona, where I have the lucky to share the adventure of life with here. AE forever //  @xushines



Toni Medina, the true OG @tonishmen

If you go to Macba, you know Pancainha. Skate and businessman that make the gold whell moves in this epic place.  @felipe_pancainha

the secrets of those who know how to fly



Skate without limits that embrace the whole experience of being alive. The totem that puts us as a group and despiting all the probability, put us as family in this world. The secret group ready to fly into the way that starts with the Call to be wild.

Samurai Shigueto

and the warrior ceremony


Loud and Love, Marquinhos Noveline @mnoveline
Mauro Mureta



Renan Zazula

The Tiger


Carlos Taparelli


We tried once. than twice and than, we could did this photo. It was the famous story about securitys working for love. This building is in Rio de Janeiro and the skater it´s my G for life Rene Shigueto. @instagheto

Junior Pig in a lost bowl inside a ghost hostel in São Paulo.
At the time, I wrote about: Where the  hours are days, the days are months and time don´t exist.
I was healing.


I used to have all the kind of skates back in São Paulo and was in some tours with a brand of a friend called Dropboards. They have differents kind of skate, as this one, made it to downhill in every type of floor, the Carveboard 



Mureta backyard, 

the samsara gate that you can go over and over redescovering your own pattern with the bowl*

* that, which in Greek theater, represents life

Ligiane Xuxa


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