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Dogs running in nature

João and Che. This is one of my favorites photos, we was really happy on this day. The picture is in the country side of Brazil, in the house of my dad. João was found in a skatepark and Che was my partner for long time. Che used to be partner of Duda - my first dalmatian - and taught Joaquim - my beloved nowdays dalmatian - the things about be a dog when he get home.


Since I was born until after tomorrow, they are the Guardians that I have the opportunity to be together, take care, observe and learn. All together, we came from the same Canis Major constellation, the place of unconditional Love where this angels crossed galaxies to help us remember what is really important.


Be with a dog - or any other animal - is one more chance to open the door of empathy with happiness in a diamont heart. With all my respect and love,


Goldens Retrievers playing, Dogs, Emy Sato, pack life, happy dogs, dog photos
golden retriever, dog, animal, dog photos

Golden Dogs and the world that the pack life is a right · Royal Becky with a personal driver, going to a daycare everyday and having a princess life. Because it´s what she is.

white dog looking to the camera

The memory of Branco: When I was in Xingu, we stayed a couples of day in a city in a city on the banks of Xingu River, a aflluent of Amazonas river. Full conexion, we was together all the days. A present from the river.

a dog and a bike, emy sato, dog photography
A dog taking sun
dalmatian with a ball, emy sato, dog images

One day I had a dream about all the dogs that in some way I helped find a home in my life. It was a whisper of the gift that, in the truth, it was Me that won.

Because I was not finding them, I was meeting than again. It was never a fluke, is was a invitation to keep the spiritual rite Alive in the best way ever.

Suddenly the memory was inside of me. About all the lifes before and from the future when we was/ are / wil be together. A pack of dogs was made to stays together, crossing the lines of time and space. Find a home to a dog it´s a way to retribute in this life all what they still doing to us.

The guardians from Werewolf city

Maria Eduarda know as Duda, one of my real loves. We was together as pack for almost 10 years and, as Che and Joaquim, she still teaches me so much things

A dog in black and white

Zara, the Cleopatra.

a dog in front of a door
Australian cattle dog

Australian treasure

The Samsara locksmith 

Dog in Amazonia

Hunter by nature, in Xingu surroundings, this kind of dogs is pretty common

a dog in a stair. dog photography. mexican dog
a dog  barking

Bell of true

dog feet, dog toy, dog adoption, dog breed
labrador zara, dog, photography, dog breed, dog adoption
a wet dog, dog photography, adption dog, golden retriever
Dalmatian, dog photography, dog breed, adoptio, pirate flag

Mexican ears

a dog photography. emy sato.

Fly hunter, Chusqui

Colors from Zara

Pirate Freckles, my heart is yours

a pack of dogs, golden retriever, boxer, vira lata, srd, cachorro, matilha
ladrador, dog photography, dog breed, water dog, emy sato, dog images, sunrise, sunshine

The rights of the be a pack

The sunrise in the bright of your eyes

golden retriever, dog breed, dog photography, emy sato, adoption, golden dog, family dog

The knowledge from the Dogs, part one: Meditation is a place that is reached being your true self.

The Gods Are Here

Forever Love.

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