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Prague is the capital of Czech Republic, located in Central Europe. Famous for the BEAUTIFUL architecture, its one of the prettiest cities that I ever saw. If you like cheap beer, Prague its the best city, but at least for me and my sister, the streets,  parks and the views was somenthing a part. So, if you like a way or another, Prague fits anyway. ( Hover the mouse over the photos!)

Woman walking in Praga
Girl in a train in prague
Mirror with a reflexion in Prague
Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy
Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy
Train in Prague
Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy

The city is know as Golden City, because of the towers of Prague Castel were covered in gold. But have other theory that is during the reign of Rudolf II who employed alchemist to produce gold from ordinary metals. Prague is small, the museuns are amazing, the green area and the buildings are unique and if you walk by yourself you can do Prague like a local.

Prague buildings
Asian woman in Prague
Old card in prague
Erotic prague
people sopping in prague
mans in prague
shoes prague
Girls wearing the same dress in prague

¨ It was easier to breathe, a slight vibration went through his body, and in the midst of the almost happy amusement which Gregor found up there,

 it could happen that, to his own surprise, he let go and hit the floor. 

Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy
Mounth Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy
Dancing House in Prague
garden in prague
man relaxing in prague

However, now he naturally controlled his body quite differently,

 and he did not injure himself in such a great fall. 

graffiti in prague
reflexion of a river in prague
man showering in a plaza in prague
dog in Prague
man in prague
bike in prague
castle in prague
Dog in prague

His sister noticed immediately the new amusement which Gregor had found for himself

 (for as he crept around he left behind here and there traces of his sticky stuff),

KidEmy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy
Sister Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy+
camera Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy
woman in a park in  prague
Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy
cool socks prague
woman prague

and so she got the idea of making Gregor’s creeping around as easy as possible and thus of removing the furniture

kid playing in a river in prague
camping in prague
a bike in prague
ducks in prague

 which got in the way, especially 

the chest of drawers and the writing desk.¨

Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis

Emy Sato Illustration @ilustreemy

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