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Kid in Amazonia, Xingu, Altamira. Emy Sato photography


In 2014, I´ve been in Pará to work the documentary ¨History, communities and the river¨ for 3 months, where I did the still photography of the production. In the most of the time, we was in 5 cities ( Altamira, Souzel, Brasil Novo, Anapú and Medicilândia) and we could spend a week in the Resex Riozinho do Anfrísio, a isolated place in the middle of the Xingu River. 

Here you cand find a little bit of what that place taugh me. It was a gifts of the Gods be there and live the real life of my own country, Brazil. 

Thank you Xingu, forever in my mind and heart. ( hover the mouse over the photos to check more contend)

Girls riding a bike in Xingu, Amazonia
Man in Amazon Forest
A boy walking in the amazonia jungle
A tipical amazon hat
people in a boat in Xingu River
Resex Riozinho do Anfrisio, Rio Xingu, Pará, Brasil
 A boy takes a bath in Xingu River
Brothers in Altamira, Para, Brasil
Brasil Novo Xingu
A horse in Altamira
A man in a window in Pará, Xingu, Belo Monte
Three girls laughing in Pará

The man below is Manuel Tucum, cacique (leadership) from Pukayako indigenous village. When we was there, I had a tream that many warriors was getting inside our caban, curious to see who was this people. Its was a strong wind passing trought the hammocks and when I realized, I was waking with the sun and the birds. Thank you for the visit, guardians of the light.

A tribe chief from Amazonia
Dogs playing in Pará
Caban in Amazonia
Man fishing in the Xingu river
Resex Riozinho do Anfrisio, Rio Xingu, Pará, Brasil
Window in the middle of the jungle
Resex Riozinho do Anfrisio, Rio Xingu, Pará, Brasil
Traditional Brazilian Family
Man in xingu river
Resex Riozinho do Anfrisio, Rio Xingu, Pará, Brasil
Kid in a bike in altamira
Man in Pará, Xingu, Belo Monte
Caretas em Brasil Novo, Pará
Xingu River, Belo Monte
Resex Riozinho do Anfrisio, Rio Xingu, Pará, Brasil
Xingu river
Xingu River
Brazilian Family, xingu, belo monte, para, brasil

This place and time is a monotema in my mind since than. I´m always there, with my heart, remembering with the true goal to never forget all the real magic that I saw. When I start to speak about Xingu and how it was a Sacred Experience, it´s actually a way to come back one more time. 

All the spiritual help that this river and people still give us and all the knowledge inside of the Forest it´s pure gold. With all my love,


a woman with a dog in para, brazil
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