In 2014, I´ve been in Pará to work the documentary ¨History, communities and the river¨ for 3 months, where I did the still photography of the production. In the most of the time, we was in 5 cities ( Altamira, Souzel, Brasil Novo, Anapú and Medicilândia) and we could spend a week in the Resex Riozinho do Anfrísio, a isolated place in the middle of the Xingu River. 

Here you cand find a little bit of what that place taugh me. It was a gifts of the Gods be there and live the real life of my own country, Brazil. 

Thank you Xingu, forever in my mind and heart. ( hover the mouse over the photos to check more contend)

The man below is Manuel Tucum, cacique (leadership) from Pukayako indigenous village. When we was there, I had a tream that many warriors was getting inside our caban, curious to see who was this people. Its was a strong wind passing trought the hammocks and when I realized, I was waking with the sun and the birds. Thank you for the visit, guardians of the light.

This place and time is a monotema in my mind since than. I´m always there, with my heart, remembering with the true goal to never forget all the real magic that I saw. When I start to speak about Xingu and how it was a Sacred Experience, it´s actually a way to come back one more time. 

All the spiritual help that this river and people still give us and all the knowledge inside of the Forest it´s pure gold. With all my love,



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