The capital of Germany, Berlin it´s nowdays a reunification symbol. Cosmpolitan, vivid and modern, there you can find plenty of cool thing to do and visit. Here it´s a little bit of what I saw there : 

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Birds sharing the food it´s always a pleasure

The life inside of the

U-Bahn stole my heart

He knew that I was photographing him and his movemente was pure art.

Take the metro and have a taste of the germans daily life

A mix between modern world, with facilities and a great cultural side with

things that give the sensation that are there for a long long long long time

Besides the tourisics things that everyone do, try to discover the underground scene of Berlin, worth it, believe me. Ah, I almost forgot: Rent a bike and check the parks of the city, Berlin have a huge green area and it´s beautiful!


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