Amsterdam means city`s origin around the river Amstel and its the capital of Netherlands. It's the kind of place that remotes you to that christmas ornament that you shake and falls snow. With the canals, its the bicicle paradise and here you check what I saw there:

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Can Amsterdam police smoke weed?



- ¨You not gonna die¨.
Relax, in Amsterdam it´safe drink tap water and they has the safest and cleanest one in Europe.

The Who / Amsterdam 1969
skateboard in amsterdam

Since 1976, Cannabis has been allowed to recreational use in coffe shops. We wish all the best for you Ams!

Amsterdam vs Berlin

Decide for yourself

Check our album from Berlin and decide for yourself!

Amsterdam Thing To Do List:

  • Rent a bike

  • Check the canals

  • Go to a coffee shop and be happy

  • Try mushrooms ( it´s allowed as well! )

  • Discover the museuns and exhibitions, as the Rijks museum

  • Check the amazing Vondelpark

  • Take a time and enjoy the Van Gogh Museum, it´s beautiful!

  • Party on OT301. They always have somenthing good in the schedule


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