Paris is way more than the Eiffel Tower. Yes, I have to agree that the construction - located in Champ de Mars - is super nice, but the city and your diversity is the real color of there. In this page you can check one of my points of view from there and, as the other pages, all the illustrations are mine as well :) 

Besides the museuns and art gallerys, in the summer you can find amusement parks and beaches along the Seine river.

The city is in north of France and

and contrary others capitals in Europe, has never been destroyed by wars. Paris´ urbanism rules are super stricts and this ir other reason that your Middle Age architecture is still preserved.

Not in love in Paris


I heard about the car wrapped like a gift
The dress as a cake
and the lovers living the endless day of their lifes


But I saw more,
the life beyond the movie.
I saw kids inside of a mix 
not that common in the hood,
Secrets gardens in the middle of the streets 
and ancient guardians preserved in stones

Than I thought that

To love Paris,

is better not be in love. 



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